A small background tool to remind the user of the "20-20-20" rule
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A small background tool to remind the user of the “20-20-20” rule. Uses system notifications and sound cues. Made primarily for GNU/Linux, but should theoretically work with other environments.

First, you might need these packages:

sudo apt-get install python-gobject libnotify-bin python-gst-1.0

Second, just install the tool and required Python modules by cloning the repository and running:

cd EyeStrainReminder
pip install . --user

Run it simply with, or preferably put it to run on boot as:

$ eyestrainreminder

Optional parameters can be viewed through “$ eyestrainreminder -h”. In short, it's possible to set a custom notification sound, mute the notification sound, turn off notifications by default and invert the tray icon colors. In order to remove it, just run:

pip uninstall EyeStrainReminder